Thinking about upgrading your Amateur Radio digital equipment for the new Millenium? Perhaps considering some of the new high performance modes to give you better DX? Well how about Hellschreiber! One of the oldest digital modes used on HF - only CW is older - Hellschreiber offers high performance with simple equipment, and with modern Digital Sighnal Processing techniques, the mode is hard to beat.

Imagine a mode which:

Hellschreiber advocates can be found on 14.061 MMz working the world. The software for Hellschreiber with a PC sound card can be found on IZ8BLY's web site.


For many years Hell-writing (which is a type of simple facsimile developed in 1927) has been considered to be no more than an oddity by the Amateur community, in fact most hams have never heard of Hellschreiber. It was however a simple mode, that offered very good performance in noisy conditions without requiring much power, if only you could find the equipment!

Now however, with Digital Signal Processing techniques and very good Windows 95 software, the Amateur Radio fraternity is offered the opportunity to experience an advanced digital mode that requires no apologies for its performance.

Hellschreiber can outperform other modes for DX, and requires nothing more than a CW or SSB rig and a PC with a sound card. If you operate PSK31, you can also operate Hell, and what is more, make contacts that are not always possible with PSK31 due to poor conditions.

Operation is simple, slick, easy to tune, and ideal for QSOs and nets. Because of the unique nature of Hellschreiber, you actually see an actual replica of the transmitted signal, so the font used, bold or italic, is faithfully reproduced. Noise adds fuzziness to the received text, but cannot cause incorrect characters to print.

Information on Hellschreiber, operating frequerncies and nets, and operating software for different types of computer, are available on the internet at http://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu


Interested in digital modes, but want to talk to real people, instead of bulletin boards or sending email? Then try Hellschreiber!

Hell what did you say? Hellschreiber (Hell writing) is a simple facsimile mode that is transmitted like high speed CW, and offers similar performance, without needing you to brush up your code.

Hell performance in noise is legendary, and modern PC software offers real grey-scale text, different fonts and text sizes, and the advantages of DSP filters and detectors. Hell will work under conditions that cripple other modes (except CW of course).

But do I have to buy another $1000 modem to run Hell? NO! Use a simple Hamcomm interface, like you do for SSTV, or use a PC sound card, like you do for SSTV or PSK31. So check out the web site http://www.qsl.net/zl1bpu for information and operating software, and download the latest Windows software.

SEE you in Hell!


You know about analog and digital modes, but what about Fuzzy Modes? These are radio modes that are sent digitally but are human readable. There is now a growing following of Hellschreiber, perhaps the most respected of the visual Fuzzy Modes. With operators in many countries, and good DX to be worked, this mode offers high performance with simple equipment.

To learn more about Hellschreiber, download free operating software and find other Hell operators, check the Fuzzy Modes web site at http://www.qsl.com/zl1bpu

written by Murray ZL1BPU
1999 All right reserved.. bla bla bla...