This game needs no presentation, everyone should know about it being one of the first video game in history--perhaps the first in absolute.

I wrote this game along with Nbla000, another Denial forum fellow, who wanted to quick start in VIC-20 assembly programming and also wanted to have a VIC port of this all-time game.

Since we never had programmed together, we had to align ourselves on the same set of tools, namely the Dasm compiler, the Asmproc processor and the "macros" I had written for my previous game, Tetris.

The coding then proceded by daily source code exchange via email. I would write a piece of assembly, send it to Nbla000, who sent it me back with modifications or comments on how it had to work.

The hardest part was to write the ball movement routine because it emulates an hardware "sprite" (a la commodore 64). Every movement occurs in 1-pixel steps and the ball does not erase the background when it moves over it. Also, the sprite routine detects collisions for an accurate bounce against the two rackets.

The game is for two players and supports both keyboard and paddles. It runs on unexpanded VIC-20. We did our best to make it as close as possibe to the original console version and have the same good playbility.

If you like it or have some suggestion, tell us by dropping an email! We just need feedback.

Download Pong.prg (02 may 2008 version, puchrunched, 2348 bytes)


Download Pong sources

Have fun!

- Nippur72 & Nbla000


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