Vox Recorder for Windows

Voice actuated software recorde for radio scanner hobbists (and not only)

Vox Recorder is a Windows utility wich allows recording sound from an audio source only when an audio signal is present; its main purpose is to avoid the recording of the silence eventually present at the input.

Vox Recorder has been designed in particular for radio-scanner hobbists. If you are one of them, you already know how much time has to be spent when monitoring a new frequency: the traffic on the new channel is very sparse and communications are short, with long pauses between each one.

With Vox Recorder you can compress a whole day's worth of monitoring onto a single .wav file.

You can leave the computer on and connected to a scanner at home while you are at the office or doing something else; later, you can listen the messages caught by your radio how many times you want. In this way you can quickly monitor suspicious channels and have all the "action" into a single audio file.

Vox Recorder is free! Download it now!

Click here to dowload the new 32 bit version

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